World Debut of Smallest Sound-Insulated 12 kW Generator


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World Debut of Smallest Sound-Insulated 12 kW Generator


Fischer Panda has launched the next generator with variable speed regulation depending on the requirements of the used applicance: the new Panda 15000i is now available and expands the very successful Fischer Panda 4000 i and 6000 i series of generators.


The Panda 15000i with a performance of 12 kW uses environmentally conscious inverter technology. The electrical load is provided with a constant output voltage of 230V/50 Hz or 120V/60Hz via the inverter. The speed of the diesel engine is adjusted according to the appliances in use but due to the inverter the output voltage always remains constant. This means that for most load profiles exhaust emissions and fuel consumption are considerably lower than with a traditional fixed speed generator of equivalent rating. Additional benefits include a pure sine wave output with exceptional voltage and frequency stability and, of course, a low average sound output.


"The new Panda 15000 i generator has an extremely high power spectrum and the customer benefits from maximum quality with a minimum of space", according to Jens Langer, Sales Manager of Fischer Panda, "Shipyards have already shown a lot of interest in the run-up to the production and have ordered generators in advance. This shows the exceptional position on the market "


The Panda 15000i has extremely compact dimensions (650mm L x 455mm W x 590mm H) and weighs only 140kg. This ensures that only a minimal amount of space is needed when installed and that the weight balance of the boat is used in an optimal way.


More and more customers are asking for a higher level of comfort and greater power on board. With this series of inverter generators Fischer Panda offers boat builders and end customers a wide range of options, e. g. to equip new and also smaller boats with off-grid generators.


The new generator is also available for vehicles and stationary applications.


Fischer Panda GmbH is based in Paderborn/Germany and is a manufacturer of diesel generators, hybrid and drive systems for mobile, naval and vehicle applications. The generators are well-known for their compact design and the extremely low sound levels while operating. The Fischer Panda team covers world-wide more than 400 technicians and salesmen in over 70 countries.  


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