xControl PD-A bus module for operating Fischer Panda xSeries generators in parallel

The xControl PD-A bus module allows two Fischer Panda xSeries generators of the same type to be connected in parallel.


Attention - This page is more than 3 years old.

The PD-A module is simple to install and is connected to each generator’s data bus. The generators are set to “parallel-mode” via the xControl display menu. Electrical loads can be switched from one generator to another (uninterrupted) or their outputs can be combined (load sharing).

The PD-A monitors both generators and synchronises their output. The load is switched from one generator to the other when their outputs are synchronised. Both single and three phase generators can be connected in parallel using the PD-A module.

Uninterrupted power: Installing two generators is primarily aimed at yacht owners who require a redundant power system. This means that they can switch the power supply from one generator to the other without interrupting the system's power supply during maintenance schedules.

This is also of interest for owners of commercial vessels which can benefit from the parallel operation of two generators to form a backup power system. One generator is always available in reserve.

Load sharing: The xControl PD-A module allows the power from both xSeries generators to be combined to double the power output. Parallel operation allows important system functions to be supplied by either generator. Peak power demands can be met by combining the power from both generators.

Owners of multihulls can benefit from a parallel setup using two smaller Fischer Panda generators. The weight can be distributed by installing a generator in each hull. This may also be an option on yachts which do not have the vertical space available for a single larger generator.

The use of a single smaller generator may also reduce the use of load banks required to prevent light load operation on a larger unit.

The xControl PD-A is available as single unit or can be preinstalled in a Parallel xControl Electrical Cabinet. The cabinet includes the electrical connections, fuses and relays. The system integrator can choose the appropriate version to install to match the electric system installation requirements.

Keywords and benefits:

  • Uninterrupted power switching
  • Load sharing
  • Redundant power system
  • Weight distribution
  • xControl PD-A bus module
  • Parallel xControl electrical cabinet
  • Fischer Panda xSeries generators

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