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Constant speed AC marine generators 50 Hz / 3000 rpm (PMS)

Water cooled marine generators with constant speed -with high performance windings: HP1 (1 phs 230V), HP 3 (three phase 3 x 400V) and DVS (combi windings 230 / 400 V)


Panda Marine Standard (PMS) diesel generators with dual circuit cooling (seawater cooling with heat exchanger) and "wet exhaust". 50 Hz 3000 rpm in three versions: HP1 (single phase 230V) - HP 3 (three phase 3 x 400V) - DVS (combined windings - 230V and 400 V).

Perf. (kW)
VoltageEngineSound Cover
Panda 4000s.Neo PMS3.40230 AC / 50 HzFischer Panda GmbH FPE320GFK3D
Panda 8000x-230V PMS6.80230 AC / 50 HzKubota Z482GFK3D
Panda 10000x-230V PMS8.00230 AC / 50 HzKubota Z602GFK3D
Panda 12000x-230V PMS10.20230 AC / 50 HzKubota D722GFK3D
Panda 12000x-400V PMS10.20400 AC / 50 HzKubota D722GFK3D
Panda 15000x-230V PMS12.70230 AC / 50 HzKubota D902GFK3D
Panda 18x-230V PMS15.30230 AC / 50 HzKubota D1105GFK3D
Panda 18x-400V PMS15.30400 AC / 50 HzKubota D1105MPL4DS
Panda 24x-230V PMS20.40230 AC / 50 HzKubota V1505GFK3D
Panda 24x-400V PMS20.40400 AC / 50 HzKubota V1505MPL4DS
Panda 30x-230V PMS25.50230 AC / 50 HzKubota V1505TGFK3D
Panda 30x-400V PMS25.50400 AC / 50 HzKubota V1505TMPL4DS
Panda 30 ICx PMS27.00230 AC / 50 HzKubota V 1505 T ICGFK3D