Vehicles generators for mobility and independence

Compact, light, quiet and highly efficient generators for larger RVs and commercial vehicles requiring a constant power mobile supply

Fischer Panda manufactures compact, light, quiet and highly efficient generators for vehicles requiring mobile power in many application areas which require a supply of constant power. The most significant advantage of the Panda generators is the very low sound level.

There are many factors which combine to produce this result. The most important fact is that the generator and engine are completely water-cooled.

No cooling air flow inside of the capsule is required. The advantage of having a generator on-board means that the power supply is not dependent on the vehicle engine and a more suitably sized generator can be used to provide the required power.

All Fischer Panda generators are renowned for being: compact, light, and quiet

Products in this category:

Generators for installed in a well-ventilated areas within vehicle (PVM-NE)

Vehicle generators with sound insulation capsule and externally mounted main silencer

Generators for external installation requiring external radiator (PVK-U Series)

Compact diesel generators suitable for mounting underfloor, beneath the chassis, in an area that is not shielded from the weather.

Generators for external installation with integrated radiator (PVK-UK Series)

Panda PVK-UK Generators are suited for "underfloor" installation and feature an integrated radiator and ventilator system.

Panda Self Contained Generators (PSC)

Compact and silent Fischer Panda generators are available as complete turnkey units with integrated fuel tank, 100% water cooling and electrical distribution.

Generator and Environmental Control Systems for Special Power Applications

Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) and Prime Power Units for Special Applications.