DC Marine Battery Charging Generators

Ideal for systems whereby the generator runs for short intervals to charge the battery bank and support peak power periods

In this Version, the charging voltage is controled by an integrated AGT-controller regulating the engine revs. The engine revolutions can therefore be variable in order to produce the required performance. It must however be observed when installing this version, that the batteries are located near to the generator.

Concept AGT-DDC - DC Direct

perf. [kW]
VoltageEngineSound Cover
AGT-DC 4000-12V PMS3.2012 DC / 400 HzKubota EA300GFK3D
AGT-DC 4000-24V PMS3.2024 DC / 400 HzKubota EA300GFK3D
AGT-DC 6000-48V PMS4.8048 DC / 400 HzKubota Z482GFK3D
AGT-DC 8000-48V PMS6.4048 DC / 400 HzKubota D722GFK3D
AGT-DC 10000-48V PMS9.1048 DC / 400 HzKubota D722GFK3D
AGT-DC 11000-48V PMS10.9048 DC / 400 HzKubota D902GFK3D
AGT-DC 13000-48V PMS12.5048 DC / 400 HzKubota D1105GFK3D
AGT-DC 18000-48V PMS17.9048 DC / 400 HzKubota V1505GFK3D
AGT-DC 22000-48V PMS21.9048 DC / 400 HzKubota V1505TMPL6DS