Catamaran with Fischer Panda Drive System (2 x 100 kW)

This catamaran with a length of almost 17 metres and a width of 8.50 metres runs with two Fischer Panda electric motors.

Efficient and environmentally friendly propulsion is provided by two 100 kW (420 V) inboard motors with 1200 rpm each. The powerful electric motors have a torque of 800 Nm each.

In addition, the catamaran is equipped with a solar system. By means of DC/DC converters, the energy produced by the solar panels can be stored in the high-voltage batteries. If required, a 36 kW range-extender generator, model: Panda 45i, can also charge the high-voltage batteries.

The solar system also feeds energy into a 24 V buffer battery. Thanks to a multi-function inverter, the 230 V onboard power supply is guaranteed.

The catamaran is cruising in the waters around the Sunshine State Florida which means there is enough sunshine to ensure continuous battery charging. Thus, longer cruising times are possible without additional charging. In exceptional cases, the generator can be switched on.

All in all, this is an excellent propulsion solution for sustainable navigation on the water.