Marine Alliance with Victron Energy announced

At the boot 2017 in D├╝sseldorf, Stephan Backes (Fischer Panda CEO) and Matthijs Vader (Victron Energy CEO) were delighted to announce a mutual marine alliance at the Freedom of Yachting press conference. This has great benefits for our customers:

Marine alliance

With a combined experience of over 80 years, two expert companies in the marine industry, coupled together with a long standing relationship. This cooperation has resulted in a new "Alliance" between Fischer Panda and Victron Energy. In practice this means:

  •  5 tailor-made marine base systems have been designed
  •  Joint R&D effort on systems management & control
  •  Joint pre-sales support
  •  Joint after-sales & technical support

An example of one of the 5 base systems

The 5 new base systems can be seen in the Freedom of Yachting brochures.


In creating these 5 tailor-made base systems, Victron Energy and Fischer Panda are able to provide integrated turnkey systems combining the best of their respective product ranges.

Fischer Panda

  • 27 different Marine Generators
  • More than one generator available for each base system - depending on power requirements
  • Variable & fixed speed generators

Victron Energy

  • 12 / 24 / 48V battery systems
  • Inverter/chargers from 500VA to 15000 VA
  • European 230V AC and USA 120V AC modules
  • Solar Chargers
  • System monitoring

This alliance boosts the Victron Energy slogan of 'Energy. Anywhere. Anytime.' and the Fischer Panda slogan of "Power wherever you are "

Base systems

Within the 5 base systems, each system has the following features:

  • Full automatic seamless switching between shore and genset power.
  • Single system monitoring: Color Control GX with full automatic generator start/stop (including silent run times).
  • Remote system monitoring via the VRM Portal


Monitoring & control



 Fischer Panda integration in Victron Energy Color Control GX

When integrating a Fischer Panda generator with Victron Energy system using the Fischer Panda SAEJ1939 Communication Interface, all the following generator information is available on the Color Control CX:

  • Status
  • Diagnostic messages
  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Power kW / kVA
  • Engine speed
  • Load
  • Temperature winding / engine / exhaust
  • Operating hours
  • Starter battery voltage

The generator can either be stopped and started manually or automatically using the Color Control GX. If for example Victron Multi does not sense a shore power connection, it can directly instruct the generator to start via the communication-bus. 

Fischer Panda SAEJ1939 Communication Interface

Options for all 5 base systems

  • Isolation transformer
  • Solar
  • Lithium batteries
  • Electric drive propulsion
  • Integration with navigation systems (Raymarine and others)

Helm showing Raymarine integration example

Generator example: The new Panda 5000i.Neo


As mentioned above a system option is electric propulsion and one such generator that would be ideal in a small serial hybrid solution would be the new Fischer Panda 5000i.Neo. In conjunction with a Victron MultiPlus and Lithium ion battery bank, the Panda 5000i.Neo would allow a sailing yacht to be fitted with electric propulsion solution. An efficient system and the actual thrust available at the prop - a 4 kW serial hybrid can replace a 7.5kW diesel engine.  If you are interested in electric propulsion you can visit the Fischer Panda's Electric Drive "Easybox Configurator" and see what you can do with hybrid power.

You can learn more about these 'Alliance' systems in the "Freedom of Yachting brochures.

For any other questions please contact the combined Victron/Fischer support department:

Fischer Panda look forward to making life even easier and more comfortable onboard for our marine customers - by providing tailor-made base systems in alliance with Victron Energy. 

Power - wherever you are

(based on a original text from John Rushworth)